28.Feb.2010 In Florida 7 year old boy can be father

The latest deadbeat dad story today seems to come out of Channel 13 in Florida.  It is:

The state wants deadbeat dad to pay for the child of a woman he’s never met, and is likely impossible of fathering?

“I’m 22, just turned,” said Rusty Cole. I was born in ’87. The child was born in ’95.  But according to records, Cole owes child support for a child born when he was just 7 years old.(and conceived when he was only 6 it would seem).

It appears to be an obvious case of mistaken identity, something that happens quite often, but for Cole, it’s a mistake keeping him from thousands of needed dollars.

For weeks, Cole e-mailed, made phone calls and even went to the Florida agency in person to protest, but he was told a child born in 1995 was due money, and Cole needed to pay.

He was told:  "Oh, yes, we have it on here that you are the father".

I guess next time Cole should keep his diaper on when he meets a Florida woman?


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  • CPR says:

    Have you contacted the group CPR in Minneapolis? Also, you probably know the history of Child Support and what it was intended to do and what it is now……enslavement of man. It is in the constitution of why child support is illegal….but does that really matter anymore? Good Luck





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