09.Mar.2010 Too many heart breaking stories

As some of you may have read in an earlier blog I have been giving free legal help to a father who was screwed over by his wife in June of 2009 when she obtained a disorderly conduct restraining order on him based on the mere allegation, actually it was not even an allegation, just a request, that he not have contact with her or their child. (mother is allowed to request a disorderly conduct restraining order without supporting proof or even testimony from the child).  In a disorderly conduct restraining order you only have to say you just don’t want further contact from the other person.  No proof is even required.  The request is almost always granted by the courts.

Anyway, the poor guy and his son have been torn apart by this restriction and going through hell, and the son has repeatedly stated he wants to run away from the mother to rejoin the father and cries at the end of their one hour weekly supervised visits.

So, here it is 3 a.m. in the morning, and the whole thing just makes me sad and also want to cry.  So I finally got out of bed and went to my office and have spent the last 2 hours typing up additional paperwork for the guy with the (unlikely) hope that the state supreme court will ever give any parent any relief.

The right of a relationship with a child is suppost to be part of our federal and even state constitutions.  But,  all it takes is mere unsupported allegations or requests and you are screwed and the child is screwed.  What a sick, sick society we really live in.  Shame on our legislature and shame on our courts for allowing this to ever happen.  It is not the parents that are physically and mentally abusing the children as much as our own stupid government is.


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