14.Mar.2010 Mike Lee does personal delivery on Sheriff race?

It seems that the other candidates for sheriff are taking notice that I am running.  This morning I found a number of Mike Lee pieces of literature laying in the street near by house.  The best I can figure out is Mike must have made a literature drop on the cars near my home.

In any case I was delighted to be able to read his views.  Like Flannery wants to have more rural patrols, which is also my position, but nether of these guys say where they will get the manpower to do it, while I would decrease or shut down court house security in favor of citizen security.

Big difference between me and Lee is that Lee says he will talk to prosecutors about the crime situation, and have deputies have lunch with school students and teachers,  whereas I will have lunch with the criminals in the jail and have one on one conversations about straightening out their lives.  So,  police mentatliy is to fill the jails, my mentality is to try to solve the problems that lead to crime and thus empty the jails.

Oh, last night I also discovered LINK TV  (see linktv.org).  It is a private TV station that appears on channel 375 on Direct TV, and it is terrific.  About time someone with objective brains started to report on international and local news.  They do operate off of donations.   One new thing I discovered is that during WWII we not only had camps for Japanese, but we had some smaller camps for those who actively opposed the war.  One of the immates of these camps later after the war set up subscription radio station KPFA out of San Francisco.  The government would not give them a a.m. radio license, so they went f.m.   But nobody had f.m. receivers those days.  So KPFA would give a free f.m. receiver to new subscribers.  Wow, what dedication.  It is nice to know others have been actively fighting for truth in government besides myself.


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