27.Mar.2010 Judge Weir shows sexual bias

Latest story from Dickenson is about a a man (Kevin) who had consentual sex with a 14 year old girl. Kevin made a plea agreement which called for 5 years in jail, which is a lot of hard time for consentual sex with a young adult.  Still, Judge Weir said no-way, he wanted 10 years.  Will 10 years rehabilitate this individual?  Not really.  Frankly, the man needs treatment not more government warehousing.  But Judge Weir just wants his extra pound of male flesh.  Note also, if both the girl and the guy were underage, no problem with the law.  Just two young kids discovering themselfs I guess?

While I don’t approve of this intergenerational sex, what I find remarkable with this story is that the girl’s mother was aware and allowed this to happen, and she only received probation!  I also noticed, that while the man’s name was displayed in the news article, the mother’s name was not.  To me, if you aid in the crime, you are just as guilty as the criminal.  There is no excuse for the mother’s actions. The whole case smells of sexual bias by the courts.

I think today we see too many parents who actively condone young kids sleeping over for sex, and even allowing moving into the family home to facilitate these underage relationships.  Maybe if the courts came down harder on these contributing parents there would be less kids having early sex and also less young single mothers on our welfare rolls.  Of course a more modest dress code in schools so the girls didn’t dress as whores and the guys as Mr. Stud might help some as well.


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