31.Mar.2010 negatives win out

Well, had my first jury trial Tuesday.  A very interesting experience to say the least it did was to advance advanced my legal education up another notch.  And while I believe I had the law on my side, the government argument was it was impractical for them to prove if a driver had insurance, so therefore was the burden of the driver, and the jury bought that argument.  So, I get to do another Sup Ct appeal (yuppie?)  But still, was a very interesting experience, and even though I was just getting over the flu and rather stayed in bed, I think I handled myself well.  The flu did have an effect on me though, as when I was taking my turn interviewing the prospective jurors, I often could not hear their answers because of my stuffy ears.   In the end Judge Jahnke gave me the bare minimum fine and we all left on a friendly bases, which goes to prove that if you don’t take wild shots at Jahnke he can treat you in a civilized manner even if you disagree with his legal decisions.


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