08.Apr.2010 GF Sheriff’s Continues to Heat Up

Well I was surprised to see Mike Lee and Chris Hutton both now have some signs on highway 2 today. Nothing too impressive, and hard to see as you zip by.  Still, of all the contests for this June, the one for sheriff is the only one I have seen any signs or literature on.  Of course their small signs look kind of pathetic compared to my large sign on my pole barn on highway 2.   I also have my sound truck in operation, but have mostly been moving it about Grand Forks, parked in a high visability spot a day at a time.  You can not help but notice it.  Again, much more effective then lawn signs, and I will be able to cruise about the other towns in the county later as well.

Hutton has  as web site, so looked it up today as well.  He doesn’t seem like too happy a deputy.  Complains he hasn’t had an annual review since 1997.  Boy, that would suck.  If anything, all the other candidates seem to agree that the Sheiff Department needs a good cleaning out.  But who is more likely to do it?  The same good-old-boys who have caused the problem, or an outsider like me with no political debts to any of them? 

Question now comes up about experience.  Their law enforcement experience to my legal and administrative experience.  But I think the key factor is that education and experience without insite, just lets you do the same stupid think you have always done.  I have the insite that the other candidates all lack.  As for a law enforcement degree, the sheriff doesn’t play cops and robbers, he is an administrator.  I am a good administrator, they are just run of the mill cops.

So far, I have not seen a piece of literature or read a web site or face book on any of the other candidates that makes me think they are more qualified then me, or will actually be able to make any improvements in the department.  If I do come across someone, I would probably drop out of the race and give my support and financial backing to them.

Oh, also this evening I sent off another letter to the editor to the Grand Forks Hearld for them to toss in their dead file.  I wonder why I even bother as I know they will never print my letters or news releases?  I guess someday I will have to set up my own newspaper or maybe buy out the Herald?


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