11.Apr.2010 Haters love to make un-named remarks

As the campaign heats up I am not overly surprised to see a few who love the personal attacks but don’t have the guts to identify themselfs.  Yesterday it seems Mickey Mouse (a UND student?) made a comment to one of my posts, lathering at the mouth what an idiot I am because of spelling errors in the post.  On reviewing the post I did discover 2 typos, which I then corrected.  In this case it wasn’t a matter of not knowing the spelling, but the fingers just hitting the wrong keys (something I find highly discouraging).  But I have never presented myself as an English major.  So, if you can not stand an occasional typo or spelling error, why bother reading my blog?   But Mr Mouse is one of those English elite who I run into every now and then who think if you cann’t spell perfectly you should be excluded from all social and political life, and maybe even banned from the military?  Which of course excludes about 99.9% of us.   Which reminds me of my old side kick John Hoff.  John is an English major and did perfect work in law school assignments.  But while I like the guy, John is an educated idiot and doesn’t have a lick of commen sense.  Having graduated at the top of his class in law school John still makes a living at minimum wage in Minneapolis because he doesn’t want to take the bar exam until he can put in 6 months of good review to get a perfect score.  Problem is, he never has 6 months to do this.   Interestingly, John recently got accepted as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, but I think I would desert to the enemy before I would ever follow an (English perfect) military order from John. 

Mr Mouse was also very upset because for 2 days my political van took up one of the thousands of parking spaces on campus and thus apparently caused some type of severe parking crisis for those 2 days (or deprived Mouse of his favorite parking spot).  I think Mr Mouse has been eating a little too much fermented cheese if you ask me?

Earlier yesterday I also found one of my cards marked up and posted on a bulletin board.  Underlined was my position that I will not wear a gun as a sheriff.  It is just my position and I expect some will disagree with it, but so what.  Anyway, this unknown card marker makes a bold statement on my card that this is a J O K E and then posts it.  Well, be that as it may, with my poor aiming ability believe me that Jokster would not want to be standing in front on any gun I am holding.  Most of the other candidates by the way seem to be presenting themselfs as hunters and probably do have a better aim then I do.  Still, I doubt if Dan Hill has been involved in a shootout in the 20 years he has been in office, and I expect I will do likewise.


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