28.Apr.2010 Riemers excluded from May 20 candidate debate

According to the newspaper today the Farm Bureau is sponsoring a sheiff candidate debate on May 20th at the County Building. 

Well, while the other candidates have been invited, I have not been.

Humm, so should I crash it or just stay at home and watch a movie that night?

In looking over the campaign so far I still notice that Hutton complains of no yearly evaluations for the past 10 years, and Rost, as number 2 man (and really the real man in charge in recent years) has never taken responsibility for this sloppy practice.  Other candidates have also complained of low moral in the sheiff’s department, but again Rost has never responded.  So, do we blame Rost or Hill or both?

For my part, I have asked twice now to do a one day ride along with a deputy to get a better idea of their equipment and abilities, but again, no response.  NADA!

The sheriff’s department likes to send patrols to the hinderlands of the county, which is good, but yesterday I noticed a sheriff car doing traffic work between GF and the airport on highway 2.  This is a 55 mph transition zone that a lot of drivers goof up and the highway department is always out their giving citations.  For them it is like shooting fish in a bucket (this is called a speed trap).   We hardly need a sheriff’s car there when it should be outside of GF doing routine crime patrol.  Last week another deputy I found assisting a GF police officer giving my empty van a parking ticket.  I really don’t think issuing parking tickets requires armed back up (or we are really in trouble), which to me means no one is really keeping track of what the deputies are doing.  Patroling to me is out in the hinderlands looking and investigating crime, not hanging around GF putting in hours for the time clock. or setting on your butt in a squad car while the radar unit does your work.


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  • Brent says:

    Roland Grand Forks County Farm Bureau tried many times to get in contact with. If you would like to be part of the Candidate forum give us a call you are more than welcome to be part of this event. We are in the book, but we could not get a number or a address that worked for you. GFCFB is doing this for all the people in the county so everyone can meet all the candidate’s.

  • Roland Riemers says:

    Brent, thanks for the response, although current contact information is part of the information I had to give to the county auditor when I filed for office, plus my phone number is written on the side of my van which about everyone in town has seen. But on the other hand I know the phone company for its own whelms desided not to list my phone number the last few years, even though I have never order it unlisted, so it can be a problem for people at times.
    I see the Farm Bureau is listed under government offices as 772-7286. I will give them a call tomorrow.

  • Jake Lairdo says:

    The officer probably needed armed backup because you drive a rapist van.

  • dale says:

    Who is the guy running for sherrif that looks like john mcain? he looks like he is old enough to keel over and die. can he raise his arms above his head.





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