07.May.2010 Hutton copies the Riemers campaign?

While my poor abused political van takes a lot of hits, it is no doubt though that it is cheap and very effective.  Well today I noticed Chris Hutton has decided to try and copy my madness and outside the police station he had his vehicle plastered from one end to the other with Hutton signs.  Good going Chris. 

Speaking of being plastered, today I found my van plastered with signs taped all over it for a Worldwide Marijuana March this saturday at 11 a.m. at the Town Square park site on DeMers.  According to this signs they want to stop all cannabis arrests.  I don’t know if this decoration was done by one of my opponents, or a serious member of this march?

My feelings on drugs is that they should be discouraged, and dealers prosecuted, but private small users usually should not be arrested, as it just isn’t an efficient use of law enforcement time.  Probably the number one concern for drugs though in GF is alcohol followed by tobacco (and over-eating is also a major health concern).  But even there, if you aren’t drunk and driving I am not going to bother you.  And if you aren’t blowing smoke in my face, I could care less as well. The exception to this is I don’t like to see school aged children involved in any of this nonsense, followed by I don’t like drunks trying to tell me how smart they are.  Oh, I also support industurial hemp, as a money making crop and a biofuel, which by the way can NOT be used as a drug.

Generally my opinion is we have lost the war on drugs in America, and need to seriously look at the reason people use drugs and try to cure that cultural illness. 


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  • John Lankin says:

    FYI Roland, your political van is probably one of, (if not thee dumbest) thing you do in your campaigns for various Offices that you’ll never get into…..in all honesty man, I would rather vote for E.T. than you for Sheriff….In case you didn’t know, E.T. is that little brown Alien from the movies several years back who was having difficulty adjusting to life on this planet, much as you do now. If you have the rocks to post this Roland, I would love to elaborate…..see you on the blog buddy. JL





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