11.May.2010 Riemers WINs another Supreme Court Case!

Just got word from the State Supreme Court that I won another of my cases.  This one dealt with the state constitutional right to a jury trial for a $20 city ordinance violation.    The case is 2010 ND 76 if you want to look it up.   By the way, I really didn’t win the case as such, but just proved, against a roomfull of overpaid city lawyers, that the city was violating established state constitutional law by denying citizens all their rights to a jury trial.   Not bad for just a first year law school graduate.  

So, although I loose a majority of my appealed cases, I now have won I believe 5 cases (plus one AG opinion against the ND Supreme Court when they violated the open meeting law a few years back), which would be the historic record for ND if not the U.S. for a non-lawyer, self represented, litigant.  It would also probably be more then the vast majority of lawyers in ND as well.

So,  how many Supreme Court appeals have my opponents ever submitted, let alone won?  How many cases have you blog reading, negative nay sayers won?   Who really knows the law and would make a better sheriff?   Training and experience are great, but mean nothing if you don’t have the insight into what you really are suppose to be doing.

Have a great day all of you.



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  • Robert Shapiro says:

    Mr. Riemers,
    How much did this particular case cost the taxpayers of the city and/or state?
    Were you guilty of the offense? Was it worth taking this to court?

    RA Shapiro

  • AV says:

    Mr. Shapiro,

    I think you are misguided to blame Mr. Riemers for wasting tax pay money. Citizens have a responsibility to defend their rights. The government shouldn’t issue tickets, fines, or charges on someone if they don’t want to give them the opportunity to fully defend themselves. If anything is to blame for wasting tax payer money in this case, it is the inefficiency of government.


  • Roland Riemers says:

    The case has yet to be tried, and the case involved an accident where a motorcycle slammed into the side of my motor scooter, and I was charged with following too close and me hitting the motorcyle with the front of my scooter, although I had absolutely no damage to the front of my scooter. I think when someone hits you from the side you could not have been following too close, but I knew that I would not likely win before a judge, but I would probably win easily before a jury. And while the fine is just $20, the motorcycle’s insurance company will not pay me a cent because of the following to close charge. So now there is a $80,000 law suit against the other driver, and the $20 charge is holding up any kind of settlement. Roland

  • ND Girl says:

    You ask how many cases the other candidates have taken to the Supreme Court and won…well I am guessing none because they abide by the law and don’t get citations.

    I understand that you have the right to appeal every little decision against you but don’t you also think that you should take some responsibility for your actions.

  • Roland Riemers says:

    Dear ND Girl. Are you saying that our government never abuses the law? That we should follow the law no matter how bad it is or how unconstitutional it might be? I suppose those who did the torturing at GITMO were just following the law as well? Those in Germany in WW2 were just following the law, at the death camps?
    In any case, you ignore the fact that I win the cases I do because I just happened to follow the complicated proceedures, and present the right facts and legal argument, to prove to a Supreme Cout, that totally hates me, that I am right and the the city of Grand Forks is not following the law.

  • LuvND Girl says:

    No….ND Girl is right.

  • AV says:

    Keep up the good work Riemers!

  • Anonymous says:

    I must ask you, Mr. Reimers, what the blazes does being able to write a Court brief have to do with being Sheriff? That’s why counties have working relationships with City/District/State’s Attorneys, thus their time is free to enforce the law they swore to uphold.

  • jwpershke says:

    roland if you did your homework the sheriff is not the one who file’s appeal’s to the supreme court is your attorney the sheriff does not if you had done your homework you would know who file’s appeal’s to the supreme court I won’t be reading your blog anymore after you lose the election witch is what’s going to happen so good luck my friend and I know you won’t win

  • I actually voted for you today for Gov. for shits and giggles just to tell my friends I voted for a lunatic for high office.






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