Although not really unexpected, I notice that today’s Grand Forks Herald did not even have one line about yesterday’s decision by the ND Supreme Court that we are entitled to a jury trial for a $20 city ordinance violation.  Last year, in a similar, but probably less important case, and which was lost by some of the best lawyers in the state, the media gave wide coverage to the ruling that this same jury right rule did NOT apply to county ordinances.

It seems too bad, that main stream media, instead of defending the rights of the public, often acts as the 4th arm of government whose job it is to white wash whatever the government does? 

A few years ago I also won a significant ruling in the ND Supreme Court that men hauled into court and charged with civil contempt for not paying spousal or child support, had the right to an attorney and the right against self incrimination.  A very important right that anyone charged with contempt of court would give his right arm to know.  Yet, the ND news media has never released that information to the public, and the courts generally just ignore the ruling and continue doing what they have always been doing best, tossing people in jail with no regards to their legal rights.



  • smith says:

    Do you read the Herald? It’s in there. That’s how I found your blog.. googled your name to see why you’re pissing about a 20 dollar ticket and suing somebody you rear ended. Sounds like you’ve got quite the story behind you!

  • Agree with smith says:

    I went to the Supreme Court website to view the case and saw several other cases you’re in. Cases including you trying to get in excess of $200 million dollars in damages from your ex-wife because of the “infliction of emotional distress.” And another case where you sued the State Fair Board for $200,000 because, from what I understand, you clearly violated the Fair’s policy and was asked to leave or come back and buy a booth like everyone else. I agree you have the absolute right to defend yourself, speak freely, and do what you want within the parameters of the law, but don’t you think some of this is a little crazy?

  • Robert Shapiro says:

    As a long time attorney and someone who has counseled a number of high profile clients, I can say that Mr. Riemers should be applauded for his patriotism and belief in the court system but the number of cases are troubling. Many of these cases bog down our court system and cost the tax payers a great deal of money.





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