01.Jun.2010 Sailing into the final week

Well, this morning I just returned from St. Louis from the National Libertarian Convention.  Very interesting and they had lots of thought provoking speeches.

On my return I see a "Gilligan" left me a foul comment from last week and states that "Grand Forks doesn’t need a Barney Fife weekday sheriff that goes sailing on the weekends."   The rest of the comment was even more rude, so I guess Gilligan will be erased.   In regards to sailing on weekends, I think that would be difficult as the nearest body of water is the Red River and I can not see how I can get the city to raise the GF bridges everytime I want to pass through?  But in any case, it appears to me that current sheriff Dan Hill as well as many of my opponents seem to spend a lot of their time off hunting or fishing and that doesn’t seem to bother Gilligan.  Anyway, when I am sailing about if I see Gilligan on some remote island you can be sure I will leave him there. 

I  also noticed tht Bob Rost also had a literature insert in the GF Herald on Friday.  He just used his standard literature that promises to keep our kids safe and improve department technology.  Nothing really exciting about that.

In todays paper they had a letter to the editor from Bernice Kvasager supporting Mike Lee. (Interestingly, I have sent 5 letters on various subjects to the Herald during this race, and not a one has been printed).   Bernice states she was at the candidate forum and liked Lee’s idea of going after more asset forfeitures, but I wonder how Bernice would feel if the next time she met a deputy they confiscated her property and required that "she prove" that she had purchased her property with legal money?   Generally, I feel that while there may at times be clear cut cases that warrant property confiscation from crooks, we should be carefull when we do this and it also should not be a goal of law enforcement to enforce laws as a means of making a profit.   (Kind of reminds me of the Salem witch trials where elderly women were burned at the stake for witchcraft and their property devided between the judge and the prosecutor for compensation for their public labors, but I suppose Lee would support this type of police protection?)  Bernice also goes on and states that Lee wants to protect us from domestic violence and sexual assault as part of his presentation, but you know, I was also at the debate and I don’t recall any such statement being made by Lee?  So, was Bernice really at the debate, and did she even really author this letter?  What relationship does Bernice have with Mike Lee?  Anybody have any ideas of this?

As for domestic violence, I think all violence should be treated equally, with no regard to gender or family relationship. (Isn’t that equal protection under the law?)  Nor should you need things like protection orders if you keep the convicted violent person in jail.

Well, this is more then enough for today.   Have a good day to all of you.



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  • . says:

    So, as I’m sitting on my porch watching this beautiful sunset and reading a book, (finally without wind and rain mind you), I get the great pleasure of hearing your loudspeaker on the faggotmobile drive through my neighborhood. Thanks. I’m voting for you Roland. For sure.

  • Robert Shapiro says:

    Counselor Riemers,
    I wanted to wish you well before your trip to the orient. If you touch down in Tokyo, please visit one of the local Giesha houses for a little down time. You’ll come back a refreshed man and ready to tackle crime in our beautiful county.
    I haven’t been to China since before my beloved Constance left me in a bitter divorce and essentially drained me of my vast reserves. However, on my last trip, I did dine with the General Secretary and discussed opening a line a Popeye’s chicken houses in Hong Kong. He was interested but ultimately passed as Popeye represented a strong American sailor. My investors weren’t upset long as we did secure six locations in SE Bangkok.
    Now, my dear sir, I hope you are ready to be elected. I am planning on voting for you as I think you are the only person with original thought and I suspect a bomb shelter in your barn which I might ask to share when Obama starts the Third World War.
    Be safe on your journey. Dine on cobra and restore your strength. We salute you fellow patriot.
    Now, I am off to a brunch to Bob Barr. Yes, him. I will mention a hello from you.
    Roland, let’s have breakfast next month. I fly into Grand Forks to meet with the Mayor. Sanders or the Toaster Frog work for me.

  • Roland Riemers says:

    Robert, while the current pole barn does not have a bomb shelter in it, my plans for the house on the same land does call for a secret passage to an underground shelter for use in the next war, super valcano, tornado or what have you.

    I go for lunch with anyone interested, if for no other reason it gives me an excuse to avoid my wife’s chinese vegitables 3 meals a day (but it is good for you honey!) :-)

    From the responses I have been getting about the county, I think I have a good chance of coming in second behind Bob Rost in the primary. But beating the Rost machine and money in the general election is going to be a real bitch of a problem.


  • ... says:

    Were you 2 deprived of oxygen to your brain? Mr. Shapiro sounds like one of those guys that scams you on line claiming to be the “king of Jordan” and has 1 million dollars for you but first you must send him money ..REALLY??? WTF… Popeye’s chicken Bangkok smurfs-in-space shall- be- thereof- henceforth….blah blah blah what??

    And Riemers you finishing 2nd in the election? You are absolutely kidding yourself! and Shapiro…is that really you Roland impersonating him? Or maybe a relative? It’s ok to be inventive and spontaneous but it’s not cool to be dumb and arrogant. what a joke.

  • Roland Riemers says:

    Mr No-Name, no Robert Shapiro isn’t me. If you goggle the name you would find he may have been the successful attorney for Mike Simpson. His name also comes up related to Popeye’s chicken. But on the other hand there is no “Toaster Frog” that I know of in Grand Forks. If he does come into town for lunch I will post it and we can all find out who he is? Or as he is suppose to meet with Mayor Brown next month, maybe his office could tell you???? Roland

  • Jonah Parkins says:

    Wow Rolly, i can’t believe you actually think Shapiro is writing you. You want to question who the female is that wrote about Mike Lee in the herald? Come on! be real! You could actually find her name in the phone book. Shapiro on the other hand, what a loser. Just another flub libertarian pretending to be a man of power when he’s actually only a man of the slums. He probably has to borrow your computer or go to the public library to write the idiotic comments on this wasteful blog. Shapiro is most likely an offspring of yours. As far as the Sheriff election goes, do the other candidates a favor. When you lose, don’t show your support for any of them, it will just ruin their image in the eyes of the public. You might have better luck running for scribe to the city counsel, get geared up for that one rollie!

  • Roland Riemers says:

    Well Jonah, if you can write me then about anyone else could as well I guess. If you look over the various blog comments from Shapiro he does claim to be an attorney and he has a middle initial of A. On the other hand, you probably don’t exist either?

    But don’t get your hopes up too high about me coming in last. I am getting some fairly positive feedback from the public so anything is possible. When talking to the other candidates, they also feel it is an open race and anything could happen. For my part, I voted for myself so if I get at least 2 votes I will feel good. After the second vote, then it is all just numbers.

    My perdiction is that Rost will get the #1 position and I will beat out Flannery for the second place spot. Next will be Lee and then Hutton and last will be dear Ann Black. I expect the vote spread to be a few hundred votes between candidates. For the general election the various law enforcement people will favor Rost over me, so unless I come up with some real creative campaigning and spend a ton of money I will get smeared by Rost in November, or as an alternative, the GF Hearld will do a last minute smear campaign on me and put my campaign in the tiolet.

    So, primary likely second place, and general election near impossible, but I like an impossible challenge now and then.

    If I don’t make it through the primary, I guess I would favor Lee as the best qualified of the law enforcement candidates, followed by Hutton. I would say no to Rost as he lacks backbone, and no to Flannery because he is too egotistical. Ann Black is an interesting woman, but totally out of her league in this race.


  • hero says:

    you low life piece of shit you came in last! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha you have predictions that reflect you lack of intelligence. I know what you look like and you dont know me but I will meet you in the future and yes rolly, I am anxious to show you what is gonna happen. you only had 94 votes out of the thousands that voted. take a hint. North Dakota wants you to go away!!!unless you are going for the gueness book of world records for failed attemps to be elected. JUST GO AWAY YOU KNOW LESS THAN NOTHING.





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