10.Jul.2010 Was deceased a low life?

It is easy to call someone a low life, especially if you don’t know them.  It is also easy to proclaim someone didn’t "deserve the right to live" to justify their killing.  No doubt the Nazis said the same thing about the jews at one time, and the British probably also said the same thing about the gun tooting American rebels?

John yesterday commented: "Yup. Man with a gun is outside his car after already firing shots on a civillian….sounds like the officer "supercop" was totally in the wrong here by firing at the guy…maybe the officer was thinking about public safety?? maybe not…maybe he was being totally selfish in killing a suspect who clearly didnt deserve the right to live…and as for marksmanship, ive shot several things in my time that clearly had a ‘kill shot’on them and didnt die/were neutralized after one/ two/ three shots…, espically with adrenaline running through them…Roland, if you were the officer on the scene for this, we would be going to your funeral instead of some low life POS that didnt deserve to live anyway….which wouldnt be all bad in itself i guess…."

John misses the boat on this case, and apparently he is somehow related to law enforcement which shows why we have this problem.

The real question isn’t if the deceased was a scum ball or not, but rather good training and clear thinking would have resulted in his capture without his or anyone elses death. 

As for markmenship, most cops I know would not need 16 shots to take someone down.  In fact I would not want to be standing within a 100 yards of them with just a single shot.  In any case, shooter had a rifle, and I sure as hell would not go after a rifle without an even better rifle in my hands.  As John mentioned, it can take more then one shot to take someone down who is pumped up.  Pistol against a rifle, you might as well be teasing them with a bb gun.

In any case, the duty of a cop is to capture the bad guy, not be judge and jury and execute them.  Once cornered and no longer a threat to anyone else,  time was on the cops side and he should have backed off (if possible) and waited for additional support.  

If I had been the cop at the scene would it be my funeral?  Possible, but I would have taken that risk as part of my job, and not gotten just driven by the excitment of the chase and expect that someone pumped up with a rifle is going to lay their rifle down just because I am the man with the badge on and I told them to. 

On the other hand, if shooter was headed for a crowded school yard instead of his own empty driveway, then it is time to check out your markmanship, and in a great hurry.

In any case, I realize you are not going to get 100% of the facts just off news reports, and there are probably lots of facts missing on both sides.  Still, you don’t just call someone a scum ball and state they didn’t have the right to live.  Name calling like that shows that you are the last person qualified to judge the case and certainly shouldn’t be the one licensed to carry a gun.

Kind of reminds me the other day when a politician on the radio was talking about the "cowards" who flew the airplanes into the world trade center.  Misguided – yes.  Stupid – yes. Cowards – not really.   Maybe if we stopped calling pople names and started listening to what they have to say, we would have much less violence in this world?


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  • remrafdn says:

    In the Wild West a coroner’s jury once found that a decedent committed suicide. At a range of X yards, armed with a pistol, he opened fire on a man armed with a rifle.

  • John says:

    Hmmm. Im wrong for calling him a low life based on a news article, yet your totally in the right for ragging on ‘supercop’ based on the same article?? Maybe i do need to understand more about the suspect before calling him low life, in turn i think you need to find more facts before judging an officer’s decision based on what the paper says

  • Roland Riemers says:

    So John, the man with the rifle may have been a low life scum, or just someone pushed too far and he snapped, or a mentally ill patient who was given defective medication and lost it. But in any case the cop’s actions resulted in the death of another man, and he is the only one left alive to account for this outcome, and his is the only actions left to question. If the shoe was on the other foot and the cop died, then I would be even more critical of the rifleman.
    In any case, someone died and I feel it is a legitimate question to ask why, and not just cover it up.





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