19.Jul.2010 BP will be foreced by government to resume pumping oil?

Wow, I have to give it to BP, they sure can play the dimwits in our government.  Lets see, if BP pumps oil to the large super tankers it has on site, it makes  millions of dollars a day.  Now, I read in today’s paper, there is some suspected leakage of some unknown nature, and the government is therefore considering "ordering"  BP to resume pumping oil!  Of course, if the government orders the pumping, then the government is responsible for any leakage that results because of that order.  Gee, I wonder what BP wants?

But, on to other subjects. I had previously mentioned I wrote the GF State’s Attorney about the illegal advertising done by the Rost campaign.  As of yet, I have not heard a squeak out of the State Attorney’s office.  No doubt these critters will put this on a back burner for "investigation" until after the November election.  If Rost losses the election, then the investigaion/prosecution becomes moot.  If Rost wins the election, then the prosecution will either be forgotten or again be considered moot.

Oh, last week we had a pre-trail conference before Judge Jahnke about my August 31 jury trial on my $20 "following too close" traffic ticket.  After the conference I approached the city prosecuter (Kristi Pettit) to see if they wanted to settle the case and avoid the cost and hassle of a jury trial, as I have already paid more in Supreme Court appeal costs then the $20 citation costs.  Kristi about had a maniac fit in the court house, and stated flat out she was going to try the case.  I have never seen a prosecutor so bent on wasting their and my and the court’s time.  The charge, "following too close" resulted when another motorcycle drove into the mid-side of my motor scooter last year.  Now how can I be "following too close" when I have no damge to the front of my motor scooter, and all the damage was caused by the other driver plowing into the side of me?   I am impressed on how Judge Jahnke is handling all this.  In prior years Jahnke could be a real jerk on the bench, but he has mellowed with time, and often between official court conversations he initiates some nice friendly conversations with me. As for handling jury trials for these small offenses, he expresses the thought if he wasn’t doing them, he would just have to be doing something else, so it is all the same to him.

Tomorrow morning I head off to California with my son for that NASA lunar conference.  So this morning need to start getting things ready, which reminds me I also need to stop at the blood bank this morning and make my bi-monthly blood deposit.  I really hate needles, but it is for a worthy cause I guess.   I had also planned on doing some outside painting this afternoon, but the weather does not seem very good for that.  Painting outside just does not work to well in the rain.  My asian wife is being a bit of a crab today as well, as she doesn’t like me going off on trips as she has to make her own way to work, etc. while I am gone.  Hum, instead of a conference to understand the moon, maybe I should be looking for one on how to understand women?  But, I guess that would be too impossible and will never be?


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