In todays newspaper it tells of a recent Court of Appeals decision that the National Park Service can not require premits for free speech at parks such as Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  Good for all of us.

Of course in North Dakota, we still need to beg the UND administration to have free speech on public UND property, nor can we stand neither inside or outside the gate and of the Minot State Fair exercising free speech without being threatened with arrest.  All this of course upheld by our libertarian free thinking North Dakota Supreme Court, who really seem to go out of their way to uphold restrictions on any constitutional right, be they state or federal.


There are 2 Comments to "FREE SPEECH IN PARKS, BUT NOT AT UND?"

  • Wilson says:

    does this mean you wont be filing another lawsuit against the fair board? For free speech? Rimer-goofer??

  • Roland Riemers says:

    Wilson: No, I have no interest in filing another free speech suit against either the fair board or UND, as no one (and especially you) really gives a rip in ND if they have free speech or not on public property, and the ND Supreme Court sure doesn’t support it. I could of course go to federal court, which I view as the “file and forget” court, as you can file a case today and if you are lucky in 3-5 years, after you have forgotten what the case is even about, you might eventually get a hearing on the issues. The federal courts are also great sticklers for formats, and if you have one small error in your pleadings they are more then happy to clear your case off their crowded docket. Roland





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