03.Jul.2011 Sexual Predator List a Failure

Megan’s Law is a federal law that requires states to register sex offenders and that they publish their addresses, etc. so the “public can abe protected.”   If states don’t follow the federal law, they could “loose federal money.”  All bullshit of course. Recent 2009 federal study has shown that the law has had absolutely no effect in decreasing sex crimes or protecting the public. In a nutshell, it is a bunch of crap that stigmatizes and dehumanises people and prevents them from ever getting their lives back on the right road. I suppose next we will want to register all prostitututes, tax evaders and illegal fireworks users. Bull. Also many of the offenders were minor children when they committed their offense. So if a young boy and girl play doctor, the boy could end up on a sex registry for life as well as spend 5-10 years in prison (with numerous horny adults to educate them in real life). I say it is time to end this madness.  (by the way, kids aren’t to be kept with adult offenders, but again, ND ignores their own laws)

In the most recent case in GF, Juan Deleon was listed as a high rish sex offender.  Juan, at the age of 14,  was with a group of young girls and had sex with a 13 & 15 year old girl and sexual contact with an 8,10, & 12 year old. Given inadequate legal representation,  this 14 year old boy was convinced to plead guilty and got 3 years in prison and 7 years in probation.  (Like a 14 year old boy has the mentality to make a guilty plea to two felonies that will destroy his life forever!)  The sexual contact cases were all in juvenile court, and that record is not to be used in later proceedings and are closed cases, but that is exactly the one the news media plays up – without once mentioning Juan was just a kid himself.  Before being released from prison, Juan is handed another paper to sign, putting himself on GPS monitoring and additional probation.  These were all signed without the right to an attorney, and Juan no advantages obtained for signing off on these rights.   For his youthful mistake, Juan also has to be a life time high risk sexual predator.  Which means it is about impossible to get a job and impossible to get any decent housing.  And of course, if you have no housing, you go “back to jail.”  

To me, Juan made a mistake, but most males I have known have done that or worse in their lives.  He deserves a chance to become a responsible member of our community (as does any person who makes a stupid mistake in their lives), instead of being branded with a scarlet letter and driven from work and home.  I hope some of you agree with me on this?

Roland Riemers

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