08.Jul.2011 Sex Offender Lists

In today’s Herald they had a story about what great good the various state sex offendor lists are doing, which is of course contrary to the findings of a 2001 federal study. More interestingly, the article fails to give balance by telling about the injustice of this whole system. For example, it speaks about the Texas system started in 1999, but doesn’t mention that the Texas system will allow boys as young as 10 years of age to be put on the sexual predator lists. It also fails to point out thet list continues to be expanded and covers things such as public urination, which is some cities – due to the lack of rest rooms – may not be much of a choice. Could you just see a 10 year old Texas boy put on the sexual predator list for life because he pissed on someone’s lawn when he couldn’t get to a restroom fast enough? Roland

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  • Yep says:

    The whole sex offender registration system is a political piece of work. The part about public urination is just one of many ridiculous aspects; unfortunately there are many more tragic aspects. Personally, I would rather see police distributing flyers throughout my neighborhood informing us about the schister who was convicted of embezzling money than about the guy who was 18 when he got intimate with his consenting 16 year old girlfriend in 1980. How about forcing chronic thieves to register for the rest of their lives? How about creating an online website showing the face of the alcoholic who has racked up multiple DUIs and nearly killed a kid while driving intoxicated? Sex offender registration lists have become the modern day scarlet letter, branding people on whom the rest of society vents their fear and anger.





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